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PlayStation Network (PS4) & Problems with Link/Unlink

PlayStation Network (PS4) & Problems with Link/Unlink

Plan Family Premium

Country United States of America


LG Stylo 3/PlayStation 4

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I am trying to log into my PlayStation 4 with my Spotify account. Whenever I do so, I receive an error message stating that my Spotify account is already linked with another PSN account. 

I have read the community posts of users who have had this issue solved, but works with no avail for me. I have tried log out on all three PSN accounts I personally have and even went the extra mile to try on my wife's account. I even accessed the PlayStation Music Details web page to find the status of all aforementioned (four) PSN accounts link statuses. They all were saying that they worked not linked to that Spotify account or any.
I tried to revoke access from my Spotify account to Playstation Link among many other suggestions I found here. I still have not found my answer.

This has been an issue for about three quarters and normally did not bother me because my Spotify Connect would still work provided that my phone was with me, but now I am having an issue using that as well.


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