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Playback- intermittent stops on echo devices

Playback- intermittent stops on echo devices

Plan - Premium

Country - USA



MacBook Pro with El Capitan OS

Amazon Echo devices (all types)


I have both the full speaker and the small puck style echo devices (hooked up to a stereo) and the problem exists on both - I get intermittent stops in playback, then random starts and stops.  This began this week after and I've run in this environment for about a year without any issues like this.  It cant be my wifi because music from Amazon plays flawlessly.  It seems like my Amazon devices keep dropping from the list of available devices in the App randomly, even though they are always able to access the internet without any issues when I test them directly.  I really like Spotify but its sorta not usable if I cant hear it...and Amazon is free (Prime).  I've updated software and hoping there is some resolution - would hate to have to cancel my Premium/Family plan!


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I have the same issue.  I can play iHeart, Pandora, Amazon, etc on my Echo Dot with no issues, but Spotify has intermittent stops after playing for a short time (less than 30 minutes).  If I reset my Echo Dot, it works for a while, but then it does the same thing again.  It's not worth paying for Spotify Premium if I can't play music on my device.

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