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Playback issues on PS4 or PSN ...

Playback issues on PS4 or PSN ...

Hi everyone, 

Up until recently I have enjoyed Spotify on all my devices linked all together, never had any problems until now. 
Over the last few days, Spotify on my PS4 simply refuses to play anything.  
Here's and example: Spotify loads no problem, lets me search, see all my lists etc... great. Right up until I want to play something. 
Then.... NOTHING. Just sits there.  I do however notice the play/pause icon change. I push the 'X' button to play, the icon changes to play, but almost instantaneously pauses again.  And thats all it seems to do.  
Now connecting spotify to the PS4 through another device, no problems. Beit, my PC, Tablet or phone all work no problem. 

I have also done the obvious, unistalled, reinstalled etc... nothing seems to work.  So installed Spotify onto my son's PS4 too... created his own account, hey presto.... yep does exactly the same. Won't play. 

I've checked Ports, ISP, you name it, probably done it..... so now banging my head against the wall. 

So if anyone else is exaperienceing this or may have some suggestion I've simply overlooked then please comment... 


I may try and get a video uploaded of what its doing... or not doing as the case maybe. 

5 Replies

I've had the exact same problem, even when the music does play it'll only be like 3 or 4 of the songs that cycle over and over again.
All the others do the quick play/pause cycle

Same problem

It's a bug known since autumn at least! Spotify will you finally do something about it? If I want to play a song on spotify (wired with my hi fi system) through spotify connect it fails every time. You have to choose an album, choose a song, and hit Play button at least 20x times (LOL!!!). If it starts playing, pray it will end the album till the end! If you want to change the album, repeat the process, 10-20 times hit Play like a madman.

And don't even dare to hit "next song" button, it will disconnect and you will hace to repeat the procedure again


Reinstalling the App didn't work, creating new PS4 account and installing there also didn't work



It is really dissapinting Spotify, I am convincted that you are aware of this issue and done nothing yet


Will you at least give us ANY solution?

Yeah this issue is annoying as. I'll use spotify connect on my iPhone and then when I play a song it will skip it, and then pause immediately and play like 0.25 of a second of the song. The same goes for outright skipping a song, changing playlists... The only work around it to sit there continiually playing the song and then going back to the song by swiping back to it and then playing again and so on... It takes a lot of tries to get it to play again.

Yup same here.


They can say goodbye to my Spotify Premium subscription at the end of the month if this isn't fixed. Completely unusable at the moment.

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