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Playback stops after each song

Playback stops after each song



I'm running Spotify on a Lumia 650 with Windows 10 Mobile 10.0.15254.313.


I'm trying to play playlists which are available offline and playback is stopping after each track.  My device is online, but the playlists are available offline.  This has worked fine for me since December, but has stopped working in the last couple of days.


Here are the things I have tried so far:


1. Restart the app

2. Restart the phone

3. Delete the playlist and download it again

4. Uninstall the app, reinstalli it, and download the playlist again


Does anyone have any idea of how to fix this?


Thanks in advance



8 Replies

Hey there, @marsscotia


Thanks for coming to the Community!

We'd love to try and help, don't worry.

Firstly, can you try heading to: and clicking 'Remove all'?

This will mean re-downloading your offline tunes, but we think it'll help out.


Let us know how you get on 🙂



Thanks for getting back to me, and for the suggestion.

It didn't work; I'm still seeing the same issue.


It's the same when you want to play playlist online. When I click on playlist (no matter if I click on shuffle play or random song) it always ends after one song.

Hey folks,


Sorry to hear that this hasn't done the trick, @marsscotia


In this case, we'd recommend checking out this support article: and also double-checking the tunes were downloaded on a stable connection.

@kodimks Thanks for the info. Is this happening on the same device for you too? If you're experiencing this issue online as well as offline, can you try restarting your router/connection?

Keep us in the loop,



I'm using Lumia 950 with the same version of OS.


It happens also on my mobile data and Wi-Fi.



Thanks for the link to the support article.


Playlist playback seems to work normally when the app is switched to offline mode, so it's working thank goodness!  @kodimks, have you tried offline mode?  


Is this the way the app is meant to work?  I've never had to switch into offline mode before to play playlists. 


Thanks again for the fix!





I'm talking also about Spotify playlists, not only this available offline. Do you have a problem with random Spotify playlist? For me, only Discover Weekly and Release Radar work properly.



I never had to jump through hoops for Grooves Music app to stream music on either Windows 10 mobile or Android. Yet the Spotify app is basically useless to perform this simple task on mobile. I constantly ask myself why am I paying $10/month for this?

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