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Playing incorrect version of song through Google Assistant


Playing incorrect version of song through Google Assistant






Pixel 3 XL, Google Home

Operating System



My Question or Issue

When I ask for a specific song using the Google assistant, I get a song with the correct title, but not the version I want or expect. The version I get is not even near the top result when I search for it in the app.


For example, if I ask for "Concerning Hobbits" the version I want is from the Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack, which is the first result. But what I get is a live version from the "Fantasymphony" album, which is the 8th result on the song search list.


Why doesn't it play the top search result for a song when I ask for a specific song?

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That's hardly a satisfactory solution and certainly not a workaround. Ridiculous suggestion. Even if I search for "Indestructible" by Robyn in Spotify, the correct album version is at the top of the list. Great! However, if you ask Google Assistant to "Play Indestructible by Robyn," it plays to the Acoustic Version. Are customers expected to create a playlist of every conceivable song they may want to hear the correct version of and then request it from said playlist? Silly. The results need to be prioritized/weights or whatever term you use internally.

Hi Jeremy. We are a couple for years down the line now. Has there been any progress with this? I am still getting terrible results when asking Google Assistant for songs on Spotify. Wrong artists, wrong songs, cover versions, live versions, acoustic only versions. And the 'workaround' mentioned above is not acceptable to me, as it completely defeats the point of asking Google to play a song for me.


Can you explain why the way Google assistant requests from the Spotify server is "different"? It seems like it is a design fault to not give the results we would expect from simply typing in the search bar and selecting the top option. And I know that Alexa doesn't have anywhere near as many issues as this.

I'm a Spotify Premium customer and can confirm this happens all the time. Just tried playing Jingle Bells and it played some weird version with a guy singing in a weird way that attempts to but is not funny. 

Hello. In the car today, I asked Google to play Chandelier by Sia. It then started playing this podcast with 16 ratings, which is a person mumbling lyrics for 80 seconds:


So - I understand why this person did this. I am sure they are getting a few pennies a year of misguided revenue, and if they are doing this with a bot, they are probably making some money. My question is not why did this happen, but how did it happen - how was it allowed to happen?


I have never listened to podcasts on Spotify, ever. I have listed to this version of Chandelier:


many, many times, maybe hundreds. Why did it decide I wanted a podcast and not that?


Why did it decide that I wanted the version that had 16 ratings and not the song that had 1.6 billion streams? I mean - which, statistically speaking, was more likely what I wanted?


This kind of thing happens all the time, and I genuinely want to know why this has now become a daily occurrence on this platform.








Pixel 8 Pro driving Android Auto

Operating System

Android Auto



I connected to Google home and when I ask for a certain song to play, live versions are often picked. I don't WANT live versions. Is there a setting to prevent this?

  • That is exactly what I want to know too

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