Playing incorrect version of song through Google Assistant


Playing incorrect version of song through Google Assistant






Pixel 3 XL, Google Home

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When I ask for a specific song using the Google assistant, I get a song with the correct title, but not the version I want or expect. The version I get is not even near the top result when I search for it in the app.


For example, if I ask for "Concerning Hobbits" the version I want is from the Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack, which is the first result. But what I get is a live version from the "Fantasymphony" album, which is the 8th result on the song search list.


Why doesn't it play the top search result for a song when I ask for a specific song?

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That's hardly a satisfactory solution and certainly not a workaround. Ridiculous suggestion. Even if I search for "Indestructible" by Robyn in Spotify, the correct album version is at the top of the list. Great! However, if you ask Google Assistant to "Play Indestructible by Robyn," it plays to the Acoustic Version. Are customers expected to create a playlist of every conceivable song they may want to hear the correct version of and then request it from said playlist? Silly. The results need to be prioritized/weights or whatever term you use internally.

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