Playing local files through Sonos speakers

Playing local files through Sonos speakers

I have a Play One and have just bought a Playbase. I have Spotify on my PC and my phone and I've added some local files which play fine when I'm listening on my PC or my phone, but I can't get them to play through the Sonos speakers. I can play anything else on Spotify but not the local files. 


If I play a track on Spotify through the Playbase or Play One via my PC or my phone and then click on a local file Spotify says "Sorry! You can't play this content while connected to another device". Any ideas?



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Hey @PsychMonkey, help's here. 


Local files doesn't work while using the Sonos app, or the Connect feature. This is because Connect only takes songs that are available online, meaning it's not dependent on your own music collection and doesn't take information from there.


Hope that helps 🙂






Looks like you cannot do that on Spotify, and on Sonos community website there is a thread about this. Most people there are recommending switching to Google Music or Apple one, if I were Spotify I would change their settings so they don't lose customers.


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