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Playing music on xbox one, through headset not tv

Playing music on xbox one, through headset not tv






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 I am very glad that Xbox now has the ability to play music in the backround, however I was wondering is there anyway to play the music just through the headset and not the tv speakers? I did some research and it seems like in order to do that we would need a volume mixer on xbox, however I am wondering if there is a place in settings to do this instead? 

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Hey @Hersheymj, welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. We'll definitely be able to help though. 


You can try looking through the sound settings on your device to see if you can change the output of the tunes to your main output. 


Let us know if that helps.

I think I am following you want all sound to output through your headphones. There is no way to just have music through headphones and game through tv. Its always both usually. Incase its not picking up the headphones you can try this:

In System > Settings > Display & sound > Audio output: Then select headphones

Rebalance sound when you can hear only one visible app

Check that the sound balance bar is not pushed completely to one side:

  1. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
  2. Use right bumper to the right over to Settings.
  3. Below you should see the audio option (select it and skip to step 7 if so)
  4. Select Display & sound.
  5. Select Volume.
  6. Select Sound mixer.
  7. Move the bar to the desired blend between the main window and your snapped app.

I will have to try this, thanks for your help! 

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