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Is there a way to arrange playlist on desktop app? I can do it on my mobile app but cannot on my desktop app. Its hard to find playlist because I have many and arranging them alphabetically would be really helpful.

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Ok, Here goes, This is how i sort mine. And fyi you have to sort yours yourself !!! lol 🙂 

Step 1, Create a folder by right clicking and selecting "create folder" in the left hand side where the playlists are, Title it "main" or whatever you want, This is the main folder that you load every other folder into.

Step 2. Determine the types of playlists you have, Set up folders for each type and then place the corresponding playlists inside.

( For instance i have released and unreleased folders which hold my various secondary playlists as well as my main list of all my songs, And then i have individual folders for my main playlists which i update regularly. I also have "candidate" playlists to put the pieces i'm considering placing in the main playlists, i have one of these for each list and inside each of the main playlist folders)

Step 3. Move all the folders into your main folder and voila, You've now got one main folder to throw everything into.

Step 4. Enjoy 😛 Hope this helped :).



Ps. This is just how i do it, but yeah, basically create a folder and then load all the playlists into it if you want to speed things up. And there is no automatic sorting thing, You have to do it yourself, Above is just how i do it. 🙂

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I"m having issues on my mobile app as well. Can seem to get the songs to rearrange on the playlist I created. How did you do it? (I am using IOS)