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It could be that I'm missing something super obvious, but I've already spent some time searching around and haven't found what I'm looking for. I'm currently using the Windows desktop application, but also use Spotify on my iphone regularly. Is there any history for recently played playlists? I've found the song history, and artist history, but there doesn't seem to be anything for playlists.


There's been times where I click the first recommended playlist on Spotify first thing in the morning at work, listen to it all day on repeat, and then have no idea what playlist it was. Similarly, when I select a playlist to stream, it adds the entire list to the song queue, but I can't find anything showing which playlist I'm currently streaming.


If this already exists, please let me know where I can find it!





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Your Queue can be accessed by clicking the three lines on the bottom of the app – it's the first icon to the left of shuffle and repeat.


Once on your queue there is a history tab.


Believe me – I struggled to find it too and do this for a living. The Spotify UI team should be embarassed. For all the emphasis they place on sharing, community and 'discovering music' it's incredible something so simple has been overlooked for such a long time. Want to see what particular tracks a friend is listening to? Not an option – unless you count the feed, which has severe limitations on it's own. 

The queue and more importantly history should be made available on a users profile page and in the left sidebar under 'Your Music'. That they chose to not place one of their best features (History) in the most obvious of locations AND used a completely unfamiliar icon to access deserves a facepalm. 




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my que history is empty and is not recording any song...any ideas?

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