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Playlist Rearranging....

Playlist Rearranging....

Hello Spotify friends!
So, I like to rearrange the songs on my playlists, particularly my jogging playlist, quite often.  I went to clean up all my playlists only to find out I can barely arrange the playlists anymore.  I used to be able to click on and drag a song from the bottom of the playlist and move it to the top of the playlists (as I do with new songs), or anywhere on the playlist, but now I am only able to move it up 18 spots at a time (the amount per page), then drop it and then do it again another 18 spots...and on and on and on until I get the song to where I want it in the playlist.  I have hundreds and hundreds of songs on my playlists, sometimes thousands.  How can I get my songs from the bottom to the top of the playlists again like I used to with one click?  Nothing has changed... same computer, etc.... the only thing I have done is upgrade when Spotify tells me to, and I am having a heck of a time.  Thanks for your input!  🙂

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