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Playlist - Vacation Haus - could not load??? why the error

Playlist - Vacation Haus - could not load??? why the error



One of the only playlists that I actually listen to on spotify seems to now be corrupt? removed?


IT was called 'Vacation Haus' it has 430,000+ followers but as of the past 48 hours does not seem to be working across any of our devices.


Spotify yesterday would just show the loading icon constantly, but today it errors with "Could not load" 


Unsure if this is a spotify issue with their system or something else, anyone have any ideas??

7 Replies

+1 for this. Was going to be the playlist for a flight tomorrow.


i did notice that you can google the playlist name and get a link to a copy with zero followers, last updated in December. Doesn’t let me play anything, though I was able to SS the songs list.


EDIT: a couple other playlists seem to be missing from my library, so It might be a larger issue, or clean up.

this is one of my favorite playlists and it hasnt been working for me either.  I did manage to screenshot the list of songs on my iPhone because it's usually in offline mode, so I may end up manually recreating the playlist.


Very disappointing though!

Opened a support case for this playlist, and they came back confirming that they have removed it from their system:


Hello there,

Thanks for patiently waiting.

We've done some digging our end and it seems the playlist has been removed from our database. This is also one reason why you're not seeing the playlist anymore from your end.

We also wanted to suggest that if you like any of the playlists we make for you, to make your own personal playlist with the tracks you specifically liked from the playlist we made. This way, you won't lose any of them even the playlist is removed from our system 🙂

Let us know if there is anything else we can assist with. We're just an email away.


A litte disappointing that they will just pull a playlist that has been actively updated and had so many subscribers. I was able to get screenshots of the playlist, but ended up remaking it on Apple Music instead. Here's a link for anyone else that subscribes to both services:


Screenshots for anyone else that wants to remake the playlist themselves:



Thanks for that!


Same time I was speaking with spotify care and they said they identified a problem and were aiming to fix it, but its definitely gone from their lists this morning.


They also sent me a list of the songs as well!! 


Can't believe they removed a playlist that had almost 500,000 followers!

Thanks, guys! I literally panicked when I realized that they removed the playlist. You guys are saviors. I went ahead and recreated the playlist on Spotify. Here's the link. Cheers, and enjoy the good music!

The Vacation Haus playlist was merged with the Tropical Morning Playlist! There is just one playlist now.

You’re the best!!

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