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Playlist acting weird when played on Chromecast

Playlist acting weird when played on Chromecast

I've been having a weird problem with a playlist on my chromecast lately. I have a rather large playlist with over a 1300 songs in it, and lately when I try to play any song in that playlist the chromecast automatically sets the next up song to the top of the playlist.

What used to happen was that I would play any song, and the playlist would continue from that song and follow the list down.

So the queue would look like this, the numbers represent songs:

0500, 0501, 0502, 0503, 0504,0505.

But now what it does is play the first song I choose, and then starts at the top of the list:

0500, 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005. 


And it does this no matter where I start in the list, the thing i can't get my head around is why it only happens to this playlist and not any others, and only when I use it on my chromecast. The same playlist works just fine on my android phone and on my laptop without any issues.


I have tried logging in and out and restarting my phone and the chromecast.

Beyond copying all the songs and making a new playlist, which is something I'd rather not do since I've had this playlist for 6 years I can't think of any other solutions.


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I'm having the same problem. I have also quite large playlist, about 1200 songs. Also, when shuffle is on, and i pick any song from list it plays ok, but then it starts to shuffle play songs 1-100 from my list.


First I encountered this problem, when I was controlling Chromecast with my Android devices, but now it is happening also when controlling Chromecast with Windows laptop or iPhone.

I'm having this issue as well, it just started last night and only with Chromecast. I'm only a free user, but I don't want to upgrade to premium if this issue will continue for a while. In addition, I had the added fun of the issue breaking the app. After closing and reopening, no matter what song I tapped on, I'd get a message that 'A premium subcription is needed to play this track'. Even tapping shuffle play brought up the same issue. Uninstalling and reinstalling fixed the issue, though.

I have exactely the same issue. My list is between 300-400 numbers. For example, when I select song nr. 255 it plays that song. If I check the queue, everyting looks fine. I let the selected song finish without touching my device and spotify/chromecast will start from nr.1 after 255 is finished. This is most of the time. Sometime it works as it should. Most of the time it does not. This is really ruining my experiance. p.s. I have premium account.

Yeah i have this problem too. The problem starts when you have more than 100 songs in your list. Always when u heard song number 100 it instantly plays song number one in your list

I have had the same issue for a few months. Before that it worked as expected. It's super annoying.

Same thing happens to me, and has been doing it for months.  Playlists have 332 and 370 songs total, all downloaded.  Happens with all Chromecast devices, but doesn't happen when using Bluetooth.

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