Playlist deleting large portions of itself

Playlist deleting large portions of itself


Hello there.


Recently I've had an issue with one of playlists deleting large portions of itself. I add entire albums and discographies to this playlist at a time so it has gotten fairly large (It stands at 1,621 songs at the moment) but as I scroll through it almost the entire playlist doesn't appear, with many albums disappearing entirely and some albums only having one or two songs remaining when know that I added the entire album to the playlist. 


The top of the playlist still says 1,621 songs and the duration still matches up with the amount of songs that should be in it. If i repeatedly refresh the page it will occassionally show me the full playlist, I'm just curious as to why it might be doing this. 


EDIT: Playlist below if that helps:

When the playlist is not loading all the songs properly, it often also refuses to play. 

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Are they missing or greyed out. Is Show unavailable songs in playlist enabled in preferences?


If they are local files, I have this issue.


Yes, there are songs that are greyed out, which I assumed meant something like Spotify no longer has the rights to those songs or something simillar. Most of them are simply missing and huge chunks of the playlist don't display, making the playlist appear to be around what i'd say is a fifth of its actual size.

The show unavailable songs option you mentioned doesn't appear anywhere for me, not that I can find at least.

Also, since this problem has started occuring, even when the playlist does load fully (Which it sometimes decides to when I hit refresh a bunch of times) any songs I've tried to add to it recently simply don't show up. 

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