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Playlist description won't update

Playlist description won't update

Hi, my playlist description won't update - every time I edit it and close the app and come back to it, the edit isn't there and it reverts back to the original. Any suggestions? thanks

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Same here! What is going on!? I created the playlist about a month ago on the desktop app for PC's, but now when I try to make edits to the description it stays during my session, but if I close out of the program and go back in it is gone... Poof... 😐



It's been over six months since this thread was posted and the issue has yet to be solved. I have tried updating my playlist descriptions and pictures multiple times only to discover nothing has changed once I re-open the app. Clearing the cache doesn't help, and neither does re-installing the app. I shouldn't have to make a new playlist and copy everything just to be able to update the description/picture


I use version (Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3)

Same thing with me: I edit the playlist description and, as soon as I close the app, the new description is gone for good. It has been a while since this issue has been reported. I wonder if anyone is taking a look at it.


Using version on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.




Same with me! This is so frustrating 

april 22 and this is still happening - found issue reports back to 2017 on the matter.  Whats up Spotify? 

June 2nd, 2018: ARRRGGGH. Happening here, too!

I'm having the same problem. (version

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