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Playlist disappeared on TV

Playlist disappeared on TV

I have spotify on both my galaxy s7 and vizio smart tv. A week ago my playlist were on both then yesterday and today the playlist is no where to be found on my tv. This is where I listen to music the most. I pay for the premium and have the only account. Please help I'm losing it.
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I assume you tried searching for your playlist and following it? Or reinstalling it on your TV? It's still on your phone yes?

I did search for my playlist but non we're there. I confirmed they are on my phone still. I have uninstall and reinstalled on both the tv and my phone.

I am having the exact same challenge! Have you can up with a solution?

I'm having the same issue with my TV! It's like it never was on there! Has anyone or Spotify came up with a way to correct this or this feature is no longer available?......that would suck.

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