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Playlist history (Music for concentration by Spotify UK)

Playlist history (Music for concentration by Spotify UK)

Today my all time favourite playlist (Music for concentration - by Spotify UK) was wiped out and there were only new songs added. Can anyone tell me how to check the playlist history or maybe someone has this old playlist (from 10 hours ago) saved somewhere?

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The playlists don't get backed up anywhere automatically so your only hope is to find someone who has backed it up I'm afraid.

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Sorry to disappoint you here, but Playlists generated from others can be updated by their authors with no previous notice. 


Next time you may want to save songs to your own playlist in that way you're 100% sure they will remain there.

Is there no one who knows? I did my best work to that playlist!

Did you find any Solution also missing this Playlist. It was perfect for my Concentration the new one is not working for me 😕

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