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Playlist issues on web player

Playlist issues on web player

Plan: Premium

Country: UK

Operating System: Windows 10

I'm using the web-playeron chrome and have done before in the past, if that helps.

My Question or Issue: To access my playlists I must first click on them, wait and then reload the page otherwise they will not load at all. When attempting to add a song to a playlist I am only shown one of the playlists, my most recently opened one. Discover Weekly has not updated either, worryingly. I have logged out and back in as well as opened and closed the tab. Does anyone know what is going on?


3 Replies

I have the same problem too! Im in America ET and im on a mac but have the same problem. I have to go on the playlist, but its blank. I refresh and then it appears but I need to do the same for adding music to my playlists. When I try adding music to playlists, there is nothing and it says to create a new playlist. Spotify please fix it!!!


(not you too fix it but spotify~)

Mine appears to have magically fixed itself at some pooint in the last couple of hours, has yours?

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