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Playlist limit

Playlist limit

It's really troubling me the fact that i reached the limit of songs i can add in one playlist, because i only use one playlist that i put literally all of the songs i listen to in it and now at 623 hours long I've discovered that playlists have a limit and that really doesn't make sense at all because im paying for this service it shouldn't have a limit. I really don't want to create another playlist or something, because i like having the random chance, when i click on shuffle play, for it to play all of the songs that i like. I don't want to create another playlist and be thinking "damn but i want the songs on the other playlist to play as well as the songs on this one". It irritates me so bad, cause i actually am obsessed with music and i need to be listening to new artists and new genres all of the time and i want to put all of them in the same playlist but now I can't. When i tell people this, i alway receive like "well maybe try removing artists or songs you don't like. It's impossible for you to like every single song out of 10000" BUT YES ITS IS POSSIBLE I LIKE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM AND I WANT TO SHUFFLE**bleep** AND LISTEN TO EVERY SINGLE ONE HELP ME IM ACTUALLY DESPERATE I NEED TO ADD MORE SONGS!!!







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Right now, I'm not aware of any plans from Spotify that would increase the song limit in playlists. You can add an unlimited amount of songs to Your Library though, where you'll be able to shuffle through all your favorite songs as well.


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