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Playlist not displaying

Playlist not displaying

I'm on firefox and I have windows 10 if that helps.


Sometimes when the tab is refreshed, the playlist I was on when I refreshed won't display. Instead, it will be all black and completely blank. Other playlists will work fine, but the currently glitching playlist won't show up even if I go to something else and come back or I hard refresh. The only way I've found to fix it is to delete the cookie for and then hard refresh, which is a bit annoying having to go through every time, plus then I have to log back in.


The first time this happened I deleted all spotify cookies except the ones, but since it's been happening a lot recently, I experimented and found deleting that one cookie was enough to fix the problem.



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Hey there!

Is this still going on?

If you give it a go from a different browser, does the same thing happen?

Also, can you let us know how many songs you have saved on this playlist?

We'll see what we can suggest.

Yeah, I just had it happen a few minutes ago (which made me remember to come check this thread).


It seems to be random, so I can't make it happen, but I'll try using chrome for a while and see if it happens there.


It doesn't happen to one specific playlist, it's just whatever playlist I was on last.


Another thing that's also possibly related that has been happening frequently is the loading symbol will show up on the page and I won't be able to scroll within the page or click anything except for the sidebar. For this it doesn't matter if it's a playlist, it just happens to whatever page I was last on even if it's the browse page. It sometimes happens if I ignore the spotify tab for a while, sometimes when I reload the page, and pretty much always when I restart firefox if the tab was selected when I exited so that it automatically loads on startup. Reloading sometimes fixes it, but I can also fix it by clicking anything on the sidebar (like songs or activity or a different playlist), and then I can either press back to get back to what I was on or find it a different way and it will work just fine.

Okay, I've been using spotify on chrome for the past few days and I haven't experienced any problems, so I think it's just on firefox.

Cool! We're glad you're able to fully enjoy your music once again 🙂


Hope you have the best week ever

I'd call this a workaround rather than a solution. I prefer to use firefox, partially because the teensy thin little scrollbars on the chrome version suck when you're trying to navigate a large playlist, and partially because firefox is my main browser, so it's more convenient for me to have spotify open there. Switching to a different browser isn't fixing the problem, it's just pretending it doesn't exist.

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