Playlist not showing songs (Songs not playing)


Playlist not showing songs (Songs not playing)


Hello, I have a Windows 10 and I use Spotify quite often. But I have been having this problem where my Spotify playlist on my laptop does not have any of the songs and even that I cannot play any songs. But the weird thing is that on my phone is that it works completely fine. I do not have premium and not 3rd Party apps. I have redownloaded Spotify about 2 times and the problem still lingers.ssssss.PNG


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Hey there @seagulf!


There are some bugs in the desktop app, the issues you are facing may be related to this. You can vote for these so they will catch more attention. There is a solution suggested by another user here which seems to be working for some of the users. Can you try it and let me know how it goes? I hope these will be fixed very soon.


Have a nice day 🙂

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is no working for me :C

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Woah, this was the problem.


Why would Spotify write to the hosts file in the first place? You certainly shouldn't use it if you are a program operating on someones computer, its for the users to redirect and fix DNS flaws or redefine words into IPs for your own use.


Heck I used it to try and ressurect a long dead game that was dead by linking a url to the local and rebuilt the server.