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Playlist not updated when shared

Playlist not updated when shared





twitter, facebook etc. 

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windows 10, android... 

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When I share my public playlist via twitter, old and non included songs are shown instead of the current playlist. this happens across every platform. is there a way to resolve this, without deleting and readding all the tracks? 


Thanks for the help all!

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Hey @PaintingSilence.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Does this happen on other devices as well, meaning if the playlists looks different when viewed by a different person as well?


We'd also like to know what happens when you try to play a song that's not supposed to be in the playlist, and what happens if you click on the Spotify logo to open the playlist in Spotify.


Last question from us, does this happen with any other playlists you have as well?


Looking forward to your reply.


Have a nice day.

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