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Playlist of All Songs in Library

Playlist of All Songs in Library

Before the recent Spotify updates, I would listen to all the music in my library, which contained music off of Spotify and music on my harddrive. The update got rid of the "my library" tab and now separates my local files and my Spotify music. Is there an easy way to make a playlist that includes all the music in my library again? I'd make a playlist and do it manually, but I have 45 playlists and there would be tons of duplicate songs if I did this.

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Easiest way to do it is to:
- Make a new playlist folder (File > New Playlist Folder) in the desktop client.
- Drag and drop all of your other playlists into that folder.

The "folder view" (by clicking the folder name in the sidebar) will be almost the same as library. However, if you want it to include local files and your starred playlist, you will need to copy both of those into playlists inside the folder too.

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