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Playlist offline on Squeezebox radio, how to?

Playlist offline on Squeezebox radio, how to?

I have installed the spotify app on the squeezebox radio.

Is it possible to use an offline playlist on a squeezebox radio, if possible how to do it?

2 Replies

As far as I am aware this is not possible. The squeezebox will always look for an internet connection to stream tracks.

I could be wrong, I haven't had one for a long time!



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I really do not hope you are right Peter. I will be really disappointed


Then I find the app useless for me. I really hope that Logitch and/or spotify will find a solution for this and giving us an upgrade a.s.a.p to be able to use  it. I have a premium acccount and want my two kids to be able to use it at the same time on two different boxes.


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