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Playlist (on shuffle) starts over from beginning when connecting to Bluetooth in my vehicle

Playlist (on shuffle) starts over from beginning when connecting to Bluetooth in my vehicle


Spotify Premium, Version (Up to date)



iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 12.1.4 (Up to date)


Bluetooth Device

SYNC with MyFord, Version SYNC v4.6 (Up to date)

2014 Ford XLT F-150


My Question or Issue

Any playlists will start over and play the same track order, even when on shuffle, when I connect my phone to Bluetooth in my F-150 using the SYNC software by Microsoft. When connecting, it will finish playing whatever song it was in the middle of when previously turned off (disconnected), and then revert back to the start of the playlist and replay the same songs in the same order. 


For example, If I have a playlist with 5 songs then we'll call them tracks A,B,C,D, and E. Shuffle is on, so we'll order them as B, E, A, C, and D. Let's say I'm out running errands and I've made it half way through track C when I get to a stop.  When I start my car back up, it will finish track C, then instead of playing track D in that shuffled order, it starts back at B, then E, A, D again (C qualifies as the first song).  The shuffle order never truely changes, and it reverts back to the beginning.  I like to make my own playlists and then keep them on shuffle at all times.  That's pretty much the only way I use Spotify (in my vehicle).


It doesn't seem to matter if I manually connect it to Bluetooth or if it automatically connects when I enter the vehicle. I'd be fine if it would just reset the shuffle, but the fact that it plays the same songs (forcing myself to manually hit "next" X amount of times or making me reshuffle manually) over and over gets frustrating.


Also note, I currently have my SYNC set as "Shuffle-ON." I can't turn it off or it automatically switchs the settings on my Spotify to off.  I dont have this issue if I were to listen to the songs in a pre-set order (no shuffle). 


I'm having the same issue as @bgheadtodd. He hit the nail on the head, but appears the issue is still unsolved? See another example below.


  Now imagine one of my larger playlists, with a couple hundred songs.  I had a playlist going in my house for an hour while doing some work, then got in my car, drove off, and the same 20 songs of my supposedly "random" playlist of hundreds of songs plays again in the same order.  I had to hit "next" 20+ times to not hear the same songs again, in the same order.  Aside from Spotify's "random" shuffle being a complete joke and not really being random, it now is starting over all the time when I go to play music and I'm hearing literally the same songs.  I had one day that was about 5 minutes between each of the 5-6 errands I was running and I kept hearing the same two songs over and over ever time I'd start driving again.


My temporary solution is just pulling out my phone and opening spotify and selecting to shuffle the playlist all over again.. but this defeats the purpose having my phone automatically connect and playing spotify.


No matter how many settings I adjust or times I restart all devices, I can't crack it. Hopefully someone knows!

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