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Playlist only partially loads in Web Player

Playlist only partially loads in Web Player






Windows PC

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Windows 10 Pro


My Question or Issue

 I use the web player to listen to my Spotify at work (not allowed/able to install the desktop app). I used to use Internet Explorer but recently was authorized to download Chrome. I have had fewer issues with actual playback with Chrome, but it seems my playlists will only load the first 75-100 songs and continuously shuffle through those songs. I have several playlists with hundreds of songs on them and they just will not load. If I scroll through the playlist, only the top so many songs will load and there will be a spinning loading wheel that never goes away. I have tried deleting cookies/cache/browsing history, reloading, signing out and back in, and nothing works. I'm tired of hearing the same songs over and over and over again when I know my playlist has several hundred more songs. Please fix this issue or advise me how I can fix it on my own. Downloading/installing anything on my work computer is not an option. Thank you.

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Hello @meflinda 🙂

Actually this seems to be a known issue which is under investigation right now. You can read more about it and get the updates here 🙂

Keep rocking and have a nice day ^^

It's been under investigation for a long time, and I have only begun to have this problem within the past week or so. So hopefully they will ACTUALLY work on it (though doubtful).

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