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Playlist play order.

Playlist play order.

I have a few playlists (wow I hear you say). My problem is that I have a main playlist containing about 400 songs, and I like to listen to them on my google mini when i go to bed, sort of like a lullaby. Trouble is every time I instruct to play my playlist it starts at the same song, even though I have my settings at shuffle and loop. So instead of being able to say to my GM "Hey Google shuffle main playlist for one hour" I need to say "Hey Google Play Music), "Hey Google, shuffle main playlist", "Hey google, music off in one hour". Is there anyway to randomise the starting song?

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Hey @ozhog, thanks for writing!


If you'd like, you can try creating an exact copy of that playlist, but with a different order. This way, you'll know if the starting song changes or if it's the same. You can also try other sorting options for your playlist and check if it behaves the same way. There's more info on how to sort your music on Spotify here.


We hope this helps. Have an amazing day 🙂

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