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Playlist restarts at beginning before the end

Playlist restarts at beginning before the end

I'm on a premium family account, based in the US.  I'm listening on a Mac using the web player in Chrome.

I'm listening to this playlist:

Currently on Symphony No. 70.

At random times, when Spotify finishes a track, it jumps all the way back to the start of the playlist for no apparent reason.

This is really annoying and frustrating - I'm listening to this music while I work, so I'll look over and see that I'm back at the start of the playlist (or on about the 3rd symphony), and then have to go and look at the history to figure out where I was, resume playback, and then have it jump back after another track or two.

What's going on here, and how do I fix it?

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BUMP. Same issue running Spotify on Android 14 on a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Each time I pause and leave ANY playlist and then come back to it, it finishes playing the last played song, and then jumps back to the start of the playlist. Even worse, this happens most often in the car, i.e. when returning to the car after being parked up a while - It's a monumental pain (not to mention being totally unsafe) to try to then manually scroll down the playlist so I can have it resume where I left off.


This problem is NOT NEW. It occurred regularly about 18 months ago, and then went away after a number of app updates. It is now back. For the past 2.5 weeks, it occurs every single time I get back into the car and start spotify. Urgent solution needed.

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