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Playlist suddenly empty

Playlist suddenly empty

Spotify Username







Android, Windows 10 and Linux

Operating System

Android 8.1, Windows 10 and Linux


My Question or Issue

 My main playlist built from the time I subscribed to spotify years ago is now suddenly empty (but is still there), except for 5 songs that were added lately or almost a year ago. It originaly had around 800 songs.

I luckily made a sort of backup of it a few weeks ago, which still contains all of the songs, but it's a shuffled one. I therefore lost the chronological order of the original playlist, which is the way I listened to it most of the time.


Is there an ongoing bug concerning the playlists ? Is there a way to restore my playlist to a previous state ?

4 Replies

This just happened to me as I was trying to add another song to a list and I'm going to be livid if both of playlists that have over 50+ songs of the music I discovered are gone. Consider yourself fortunate that you had the backup. It does suck it's not in chronological order but at least you have it.

Go to your profile:

In the left column, select "recover playlists".


It works for deleted playlists, but maybe works for you too.

I have the same problem for one of my playlists

Sorry for the late reply.


The playlist wasn't deleted, its content was. Recovery wasn't available for that case.


After contacting the support, they were able to rollback my playlist, but the chronological order was lost.

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