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[Playlists] Daily mix and Amazon echo

[Playlists] Daily mix and Amazon echo

I have been having problems with the daily mix feature not removing tracks and artists.

I would remove a track, spotify says that track won't be played in my daily mix.

Then the track reappears immediately in my daily mix playlist.

I have discovered that using my amazon echo dot to listen to and control spotify interferes with the control of the daily mix functions.

Let me explain further, I have spotify open on my mac so that I can see what tracks are playing. In the devices button(bottom right) I would be connected to my echo dot, this enables me to control spotify with my echo dot.

This configuration disables the option to remove tracks or artists from my daily mix although on the screen spotify says tracks or artists have been removed, they just reappear.

I found the solution was to "listen on this computer" under the devices button(bottom right). This restored the ability to remove tracks and artists from my daily mix, but I then couldn't control spotify from my echo dot. Spotify and echo dot are both brilliant but as yet they don't quite mesh.

I hope this helps anyone who has been having problems removing tracks or artists from their daily mix.

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