Playlists Default to Radio of Playlist Instead of Playing


Playlists Default to Radio of Playlist Instead of Playing

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PC - an old school tower (issue does not happen on my Android Phone)

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Windows 10


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Nearly every time I hit play on a playlist when using my desktop, it automatically plays the "playlist radio" instead of the playlist. I like having the radio option turned on for playing new songs AFTER my playlist has ended, but this jumps straight into the radio - often not even playing more than one song from my actual playlist. 

If I go back in to the playlist (the same way I selected it the first time) and hit play again on the first song in my playlist, usually it will then play the actual playlist instead of the radio version, but not always. 


When I hit play on a playlist on my phone, it works fine. My playlist is played in the order I arranged it every time. 


What setting do I need to change to get this to stop? Or is it a bug?


Granted, I haven't listened on my desktop in awhile now, but I remember it working just fine last year or the year before. What has changed?

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Hey @bfgdfgfgnghndtj,


Thanks for getting back to us 🙂


You mentioned that this happens so far with only one playlist- could you send us the URI of the playlist?


Just to double-check- does this happen when the shuffle mode is on/off or both?


You can also send us a screenshot of the queue. We'll look into this further.


Keep us posted.

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Been having this issue for about a year now. Can't believe I havent reached out before now. This has been silently driving me nuts.. I guess the final straw was when I had the absolute perfect song come on when I hit shuffle in a 400 song playlist and it switched to radio 5 seconds in. It's happened with three different phones I've used but never with desktop. Currently happening with my galaxy S21 ultra. This has been driving me crazy for a LONG time. 


Im also having the same issue and I do agree it started about a year ago.


I only use spotify on my android app, most times connected to my car BT. It happens with any playlist at random. Usually the first time I open and play the playlist in shuffle it would play 1-2 seconds of a song and them jump to playing radio based on playlist.


It is really annoying and frustrating as I setup my audio before driving to then have to stop again to pickup my phone and play what I actually intended in the first place..


And NO and reinstall didn't fix anything.


Hey @Axist and @Kelbaez 


Thanks for reaching out.


Can you confirm if this is only happening when connected to a car via Bluetooth, or if it also happens when listening directly on the phone's speakers or with headphones? Is there any change when the Offline mode is enabled?


@Axist, does it happen with any playlist or just one(s) in particular? 


We'll be on the lookout.

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