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[Playlists] Official Statement on why spotify doesn't show us the followers on our playlists

[Playlists] Official Statement on why spotify doesn't show us the followers on our playlists

I would like an explicit statement from spotify on why it's not possible or too complicated right now to work on an update that shows us who follows our playlists.

The original idea for that has been shelved since 2013 on "not right now". Yet it is something that a lot of people would like to have, as it has been resubmitted for many more times since then.

Additionaly it would improve and further user interaction. Something i thought spotify would absolutely be in favour of. Seeing who follows our playlists is a great indicator for a similiar taste in music and especially on the specific genre of music in the playlist. This would give us a better way to find more similiar music.

Your algorithm does good work in that regard but it isn't perfect and i think it could profit from that update.

I'm pretty sure this won't meet your requirements for new ideas but i would like to use this opportunity to implore you to reconsider your stance on this subject or atleast give us a statement on why it isn't possible right now. It is something I and many others feel very strongly about.


Thank you

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Hey @ncla8mbdeqex8ij,

Thanks for posting on the Community! We've moved your post to a relevant Help Board where it fits better.


Unfortunately we don't have any official info to share at the moment regarding what you're asking. However, we can reassure you that we're aware of the popularity of a similar idea suggested here and even if an it's currently set to “Not Right Now” you can still add your vote there and we revisit those ideas on regular intervals. It might be that their time would be right in the future. 


That's why we also suggest to you to subscribe for the original idea so you won't miss any new developments on the subject.

Hope this clears things up. If you have any questions or need anything else, the Community is here for you.

Kiril Moderator
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