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[Playlists] Playlist Follower Counts Frozen?

[Playlists] Playlist Follower Counts Frozen?



This is not a new Idea, but rather a question concerning playlist follower counts being frozen/not updating. I was instructed by Spotify Support to post my question here so it could be seen by all of the developers.


I have been running Facebook and Instagram Ads to send targeted traffic to my created playlists - "Beats by Tom Cavallaro" ( and "Electronic Feels" ( For months now, I have been seeing steady and consistent daily growth, gaining anywhere from 20-50 followers per day on each playlist. However, for the past day or so, I have noticed that the playlist follower counts have completely frozen and no new followers are being added. I am still running my Ads and nothing has changed on my end. I am continuing to get traffic and streams through these Ads, as reflected in Spotify for Artists. It's possible that I am just having an unusually bad 48 hours or so in terms of gaining new playlist followers, but something seems off. I am wondering if there is some kind of glitch to explain why my playlist follower counts seem frozen?


Thank you in advance for your assistance!

1 Reply

Hello there Tom!

It seems like i have the same issue as you mentioned above. The playlist followers go up everyday and the next day they always drop to the same number. Did you find any solution regarding this? How did you deal with it?

Thank you!

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