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Playlists automatically turn into Radio Playlists

Playlists automatically turn into Radio Playlists

Hi there!


When one of my playlists has finished it's queue, it'll automatically start a radio playlist with songs I've never heard of before. How do I stop my spotify doing this? When my playlist is finished, I'd like to just swap to another one manually.


I've tried looking around in the forums for an answer, but to no avail.


Thanks in advance,


4 Replies


On mobiles there is a setting called AutoPlay inside the app, can you check if it is under the "Advanced/Show more Prefereces..." on desktop?

I'm having the same autoplay issue and can't seem to figure out how to turn it off. I like to fall asleep to fall asleep to my playlists, but over the past week have woken up to random songs not on the playlist.


I've checked the advanced settings and there is no option to toggle autoplay/radio play. Hope Spotify updates this quirk asap!

Came here to talk about this, and this comment was the issue for me. Autoplay seems to override playlist settings for the repeat or repeat once player setting; turning it off did what I expected and I'm back to the behavior I was used to. Thanks!

I was having the same problem. You just have to go into the app settings and go to the Auto play setting, which plays similar music once tour list ends, just turn it off. I just did it so I'll have to wait and see it that was the problem.

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