Playlists not appearing on Samsung Smart TV app

Playlists not appearing on Samsung Smart TV app


I have been looking through the recent issues people are having with playlists not appearing and it doesnt seem to apply to my problem so I will see if there is another option for me.


I have a Samsung blueray player which I use to access Spotify on my Philips TV through the app. I am a premium member and I have played playlists previosly so there was never a prblem before but I noticed today that none of my playlists appear at all. I do not use Playlist folders so that cant be the issue. I deleted a few playlists from my MAC that I didnt use thinking it might be an issue with too many of them. I rearranged them. I have checked the Samsung App has the most up to date firmware. 


Anyone have any more advice?


thanks 🙂

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I have been having the same problem these days. Must be a Spotify problem. No playlists appear on my LG Smart TV. I also do not have folders. Just three playlists.

I've got a Samsung H6400 and the playlists haven't been loading all week. It used to be an intermittent problem and reloading the app would fix but not this time.

I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling and the firmware is up to date.


Mijn afspeellijsten worden ook al sedert een week niet meer weergegeven op mijn Samsung Smart TV, iemand een idee hoe dit kan worden verholpen?

Now I've checked it again it seems to have been rectified. Maybe Spotify updated the App?


Now it is ok , only the weekly discover play dont appearing, the rest is ok


thank you


I've got the same problem on my Samsung F6350. Was working great until a couple weeks ago.  TV firmware is updated, app removed and reinstalled, playlists work fine on all other devices, just not on the TV.  

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