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Playlists on Echo?


Playlists on Echo?

I am a new Premium User.  I have an iPhone 6, a Windows desktop, an iPad, and an Amazon Echo.  I have had other music services in the past, such as Deezer, Amazon Prime, and Apple music.  But I signed up for Spotify because of its support for Amazon Echo.


I am having a very hard time trying to navigate the mess that is Spotify.    I would like Spotify to learn from my listening habits and suggest music for me to listen to.  Deezer did this brilliantly and effortlessly.  You could just ask it to Flow and it would play its best guess about what you like or don't based on your likes and listening history.   Spotify seems totally lost.   You can't even like songs from what I can see.  Or else you can, but only on certain devices and when playing certain streams that I haven't found yet.  You certainly can't do it on Echo.


So I am looking for a way to get some playlists that are to my taste based on my listening history and play them on Echo.  Or if that isn't possible, to at least search for some playlists on my desktop or phone, add those to my library, and then ask Alexa to play them.  Even this seems impossible.  I search for playlists on the Desktop, and you cannot add them to your library.  Instead you have to "Follow" them, whatever that means, and then they aren't in your library, and they certainly aren't accessible in Echo.


In an act of desperation, I created a playlist of my own called "Test" and added one song to it, and then tried to play that on Echo by saying "Alexa, play the playlist Test on Spotify".  This resulted in Alexa playing something totally different.


I do not want to create my own playlists.




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I don't know if there was an update or if it's solved now but I'm just a new user and for me it works like this "Alexa, play the playlist 'amazon' from Spotify" the amazon between ' ' is my playlist's name

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As I've said several times before, you need to have a paid - for Spotify account. Create your playlists, then tell Alexa 'Alexa, play playlist '. You can then tell her to skip track,  pause, resume etc. 

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I can't get Amazon Echo to play my playlists eitehr. Just plays some other songs from I know not where or why.

It is pretty lame compared to Deezer, where Deezer will suggest playlists by people who have similar tastes to you.  You can even flow their tastes, which means that Deezer will pretend you are them and just play whatever Deezer thinks they might want to hear.  But Deezer does not work with Echo, the killer app.


To get specific playlists, you have to choose one of Spotify's canned lists.  You could get these by searching on the Spotify app for the genre you want, such as "Classic Rock".    Then you would have to give the exact playlist name to Echo like this:


"Alexa, play the playlist Classic Rock Greatest Hits from Spotify"


You could even do this:


"Alexa, play classic rock from Spotify"

"Alexa, play some morning music"


but you cannot play your own playlists, no.  Spotify seems to be oriented towards producing a few generic playlists to cover every possible occasion.  So if your life fits their view of what life is supposed to be, you are all set.  It is best if you are a young woman who has her friends over to party, run, and have dinner a lot.  Then Spotify will be brilliant.

Still facing the same issue, unfortunately. I've submitted this as a feedback to Alexa team. Waiting for their response, as this is disappointing.

I have no issues playing Spotify playlists of my own through Echo - I haven't tried other playlists as I'm only interested in making and playing my own. I just say 'Alexa, play playlist ' whatever '' and she plays it. I have set Spotify as my default music provider though.

Download the app "Lazify" it's free and it creates playlists based on 1 artist you like and creates a whole new playlist.  I still don't know why Spotify hasn't created a feature to just let you be a lazy new music listener and learn if you like it or not.  Bizarre.

You need to set Spotify as your 'default media player'. To do this go to the Alexa app > Settings > Music & books > select default music player and click on Spotify. Hope this helps!

I set it as my default music player when I set up and Alexa still doesn't play My Playlist!!! Very disappointing

I have set Spotify as my default music server.

I have to say "Alexa, play playlist 'Whatever'" and she responds with "playing playlist 'whatever' from Spotify".

Apparently you have to have a paid for account - if you are using a free account it won't work. 

Yep.. I have a paid account....

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Annette O'Shea

Yeah, I have a premium account I share with my mate that it works with

Have you tried checking in Settings? Sometimes when Alexa gets an update it changes

I just say (alexa... on my spotify playlist, play "my music" , "jonathans songs" , "my sleep songs") and it plays it just fine and any other playlist i have on there. You just have to speak clearly and not too fast and remember to annunciate your words. It sucks and its very specific but in a way it helps with your pronunciation and you annunciation.

Lol. I'm from Texas. Alexa doesn't like my accent at all, regardless of how much I try to annunciation.

Elocution lessons? ;o)

I had an issue playingmy own playlists but then realised that although I had linked my spotify account I hadnt made it the default. you need to go to settings in the alexa app and make spotify the default for music. no problems after that. jI ust say alexa play playlist 'whatever.' 


Thanks. It works must be set as a default,

I have a UK echo so I don't know why it is not playing playlists, I even called amazon support and they just said email them if I get it working, It only plays playlists from the genres and moods section right now. Rebooted echo, relinked, reset as default music player and still nothing. Also I even tried making playlists of my own public and private.


One other thing I have a student premium account so not sure if that is an issue, it should be the same as a normal account.


Is there a solution to this or is it just not available yet on UK echo devices?

I have exactly the same issue. Got a UK Amazon Echo a few days ago & it linked with my Premium Spotify account & played my playlists no problem. Now though it doesn't recognise any of my playlists when I ask her to play them, (even though it did when I first got it!)


I've re-booted her, re-linked my Spotify account, made Spotify my default music service, made sure the Echo's software is up-to-date and that my Spotify Premium account is still active. She still doesn't recognise any of my playlist's names though. I'm in the South of England with a very clear British accent & I'm talking to her from about 2 metres away...


Not very happy with it 😞 If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!


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