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Playlists or Your Music?

Playlists or Your Music?

When you find songs or albums that you like, do you simply press 'save' to your music, or do you add them to a playlist?
Personally, if I like a song or an album, I will just save it. However, I have set it so that my saved songs are available offline, so this means I take up a lot of storage saving songs offline. And I've noticed that loads of people make playlists, so am I doing it wrong?
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Hi again, AdLadz! 🙂


Personally, I have it set up so whenever I add a song to a playlist I also save it so that, if I remove songs from my playlists, I'll still have it back in my library! You can organize it any way you want, but because of my structure, I'd also like for Spotify to automatically save to my library. LOL

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Hi again!
That seems like a fine plan, I can save my music and add songs to playlists aswell.

I'd love to know other people's methods of organising music.


Well personally I prefer to add songs into a playlist, because I find it better and more organised, Saving it just adds it to your library and to be honest I don't really want that. i don't really use my library that much and prefer to add all my songs into a playlist or listen to other people's playlist.

Hope that helped :3

Thank you for your reply.
Does anyone else want to share their method?

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