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Playlists removed from Browse --> Genres & Moods

Playlists removed from Browse --> Genres & Moods

Hey Spotify,

First I'd like to say how much I appreciate the services you, SPOTIFY, provide myself and everyone!  It is so amazing and game changing and much more than simply a place to listen to music.

My message is about the evolution of Tunigo into the Genres & Moods section and how just these last few months and weeks it has evolved a little more.  I had had three playlists which were featured in their own respective genres/moods while Tunigo was Tunigo.  Then two remained featured after Tunigo made the merge with Spotify.  And now none of those playlists are featured as Spotify has begun to enforce genres more strictly or eliminated non-Spotify playlists or cleaned up some clutter or something of the sort.  I have and continue to take a lot of time to update my playlists: Mountain Hipster, Suburban Hipster, and Metro Hipster, which feature new, diverse artists from Indie Folk, Rock, and Electro Pop respectively.  And for whatever reasons, they have been removed from Spotify's Genres & Moods.

Now, I understand that Spotify is continuing to grow and develop and make their service as spruce and effective as possible, and with that changes are inevitable.  But I dearly miss the opportunity to share with strangers the music I've collected for them.  Spotify had made my collections accessible and discoverable and shareable, and that had been incredible.  Why has this happened?  How could I get that back?

Thanks for reading!

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I've moved over to sharing my playlists using

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