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Playlists won't load on RokuTv

Playlists won't load on RokuTv

For the past couple of days my playlists won't load on my RokuTv.  I deactivated my RokuTv from my Roku account, deleted and reinstalled the Spotify app, and it still shows a loading page forever when I try to load my playlists.

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having the same problem and unable to find any answers

Same thing is happening on my Samsung smart tv at work today.  Same account that wasn't working on my RokuTv.

I just started having the same problem with my Roku tv my Spotify playlist gets stuck at loading I have tried everything from uninstalling and signing out

Having the same problem.  Has anyone ever actually get an answer to this problem?  I've seen others posting on it.  Starting paying for Spotify family plan so we could play through Roku.  Now it's pointless.

I'm having the same exact issue.  Surprised that we can't find any answers.  😞  

Researched this online and the issue dates back two years. I end up playing my Amazon music from the Roku instead. Going to quit paying for the Spotify subscription.

I'm  having the same problem on roku,with my spotify playlist taking forever to load then my playlist disappeared and now the only thing when I click on playlist that shows is "Starred" when I click on it states I have no starred songs.  My playlist is still on my spotify account on my laptop,but I can't get it to work on my roku. I've had no problems in the past with spotify and my roku,problem just started a week ago. Can anyone tell me what to do? Thanks


I have been having this problem for the past two days. "Playlist Loading" will hang there spinning. This also happens with "Inbox". Yes, I have tried logging out then in, removing the app from Roku and reinstalling, and resetting the Roku. Sometimes when I log out and then back in, the "Playlist" selection will only show  the "Starred" screen but no content. I can use all of the other functions such as search, What's New, and Top Tracks. I can also use Spotify on my other devices without an issue. I do enjoy Spotify premium and have no desire nor intent on leaving the service. As one of your many valued customers I would just appreciate a quick solution to the issue.


Thank you for listening,

Same here. Using a Roku 3. This feature was working previously and I've noticed this only recently. If it's not on the loading screen, it shows a "starred" playlist that is empty. I'm finding that it is not a localized incident. This is happening to may Roku users for several weeks.

Hey Everyone,

I just noticed that this thread in the "Ongoing Issues" list has a response from Support saying that it's currently "Under Investigation". There's also a Vote button. Go to the thread (link below) and vote if you have this issue.


Me too. Fought with it for several days. Technical support was no help whatsoever. Cancelled my contract.

@JeromeBurns: It makes sense, at least with the "Inbox" issues. Spotify announced a little while ago that they were phasing out the Inbox/Messaging feature. If you have updated versions of Spotify on a smartphone or computer, you'll notice that the Inbox has disappeared outright.


As far as the Roku not displaying any playlists, I just started experiencing the same thing last night, across both my wife's & my accounts. Appears that Spotify is at least looking into it, so fingers crossed:

And they've now removed the playlist feature from the Roku app... are you kidding me?

Well, there are millions of Roku/Spotify users. They are all pissed off,
and I hope they cancel their contracts, because Spotify has violated the
due diligence requirement of the contract.

I just noticed the same,there's no playlist showing where the inbox ect  **bleep**?


I think the inbox was scheduled for demolition because of low usage.

The playlist feature was a big part of why I used Spotify daily. Now it is
just a big button pushing, buffer pausing hassle.

I just resorted back to Pandora, which is working just fine, and has
evolved into a good music platform. Pandora software actually works.

I too, am opting for the Pandora, although am still bothered with the adverts....which I avoided with Spotify and my own playlists.

Yeah, agreed. Spotify is what I want, and liked for years.

If you look online...this playlist problem has been around a long time.

Spotify is apparently to big to fail.

For now, I am paying Pandora, because it works.

Yes, I'd drop Spotify in a heartbeat if I could find an alternative. Like everyone else on this thread, I'm listening to Pandora  more often, but Spotify and Pandora are completely different things.


Unortunately, there are really no viable alternatives to Spotify that I can find right now (how can that be?). Maybe Deezer, but you can't even browse their selection without signing up, so I'm not interested. Amazon Music Unlimited looks like the way to go, but at the moment you can only play purchased and  Amazon Prime music on their Roku app. I'm keeping an eye on that and as soon as it's available I'll bolt.


Can anyone suggest any other alternatives?


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