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Playstation 4 Connection error

Playstation 4 Connection error










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Question already asked by A LOT of users for several years and not addressed despite numerous requests.

I switched from a free account to a premium account some months ago and since then, the ps4 app won't launch correctly. It will be stuck with a "Error connecting to PlayStation Network" diplayed.

I tried every proposed solutions, none is working :

- reboot the console

- uninstall/reinstall 

- disconnect from PSN account/reconnect

- cast a song from another device onto the ps4 before starting the application


The last one showed an evolution. The song is playing on the ps4 but the screen is still stuck on the message and I have to manually switch songs from another device each time.


The service I pay for is not provided anymore (ironically, since I started paying).

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Hey @RawBird.


Thanks for reaching out to us, we'll be happy to help out 🙂


Could you send us a screenshot showing us exactly what the issue looks like on your end? 


Also, if you could post the link to the threads that you mentioned where the same issue is raised, that would be great 🙂





Hey man,

Don't know if you found a fix yet but here's how I managed to get spotify to work on my ps4:

Hold down the ps4 button until the quick menu opens:

Go to music; spotify. Then link accounts. 
Normally this will open your web browser and go to the spotify log in or free trial option like the desktop version. If you enter your spotify login there it'll redirect you to the app and your playlists should come up.
Hopes this works for ya. Cheers

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