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Playstation 4 songs repeating/skipping

Playstation 4 songs repeating/skipping

Spotify is not working properly on my PS4. Some songs will repeat about 3/4 through. Also, when trying to clicking the next button to go to the next song, it will often skip several songs (and also prevent you from going back).

This has been going on for roughly a week and I've seen other people post about the same issue here and there on this forum.


I still haven't been able to find a solution though. This is an issue localized to my PS4 - spotify still works perfectly fine on my smartphone and personal computer. Reinstalling Spotify on both PS4 and smartphone haven't helped.

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Are you on a Pro or normal PS4? I've had a Pro for a couple weeks now and have had this issue happen to me many times and I don't ever remember this happening on my regular PS4. I typically control Spotify via the app on my laptop while playing on my PS4. 

I've been using Spotify on PS4 for ages now but started having the same issue for a few days now too. Logging out/disconnecting from Spotify and reinstalling the app didn't solve it either. 

Mine is happening on normal PS4, and only started a few days ago.

I'm on normal PS4. The fact that reinstalling doesn't solve the issue tells me that there's something wrong with the software itself. Honestly not sure what to do at this point - I'm considering cancelling my premium if the issue persists.


Let me know if you find out anything though!


Same for me on PS4 Slim 1TB.

Also while using Spotify Connect via the computer, albumcovers also get stuck and the progress bar doesn't move. Happens alot, especially when I have several songs in queue.




Swedish Spotify-addict.

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