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Playstation won't relink to Spotify Account

Playstation won't relink to Spotify Account

I tried to get the whole 10% off with playstation plus. But my accounts were already linked, so I thought I would just unlink them and link them back. But after I unlinked them, they won't relink and Spotify on my playstation isn't working now. When I start up the app it just says "Spotify" with the logo and that's it. If I try the quick menu, it has a button for link accounts but when I tap it, it says feauture is temporarily unavailable and suggests it's a network issue. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling, Spotify Connect, neither worked. Please help.

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Hey @betterteammate! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Can you still not use your Spotify Playstation app properly?

If yes, please check the Playstation for an app update that might fix your issue. ^^




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