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Please help: how do I save/export playlist?


Please help: how do I save/export playlist?

I wish to know how to save the list of music I have added to my playlist in case of any fault which results in loss or some files missing?

At the moment, the only way to monitor your tracks is to see the running total of tracks which only tells you the total number of tracks you have saved, it doesn't tell you WHAT you have added to playlist. I am concerned about what would happen if playlist was totally deleted or tracks became missing how would I know what to recover. It has taken years to accumulate my list and it would be devastating to lose it all.#


I recenlty lost music which was downloaded. Luckily, I kept a screenshots so I was able to see what was missing and easily recover. I want to do the same for Spotify.

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Hi Carina and crismarsf,

Thanks for your support.

Crismarsf - you were right! The Spotify team recovered all my tracks. I'm confident that they did as I kept a list of tracks separately.


It was not a straightforward recovery and has taken a week of reporting and partial resolutions to be fully recovered.


I learned that when the support team amend your playlist, there are some glitches and sometimes updates can lag behind. You need to be patient for the changes to take effect.


Also, another useful tip was Spotify, Edit, Preferences, Playback, Hide Unplayable tracks checkbox which can be checked off and on. This hides and shows tracks which are currently unplayable. It explains why the number of tracks Spotify total counts can be different to a spreadsheet paste of your playlist. Spotify counts unplayable tracks even though they might be hiding as they are currently unable to be played.


So relieved everything has been recovered!

Hello, When I copy and paste all the tracks into a text file, it only pastes the spotify URL, but what I am looking for is the artist and song title. Any idea what I am doing wrong?



I'm looking exactly for the same. I just need song titles and artist name to be copied.


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