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Please stop changing the Home page every time

Please stop changing the Home page every time

Please stop changing the Home page every time. I can't find anything, always a new experience (that's not a good thing) and I feel that I can't trust the recommendations anymore. I loved the Daily Mix, for example, but now i can't find them.  

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The 'Daily Mix' section is always on your home page it's just that it tends to move around depending on your listening history.

On the iPhone app, the ‘Daily Mix’ section isn’t always on your homepage with the new update. Which is frustrating and the homepage is practically useless for me because they moved more than just the Daily Mixes.

To find your daily mixes, go to the search tab at the bottom of your screen. Then under the “browse all” section, there should be a ‘Made for you” section. That is where you will find your ‘Daily Mixes’, ‘Uniquely yours’, ‘Discover New Music’ sections and more.


This is for the iPhone app. Not sure if it will be the same on other devices.


If you're on Android, try reinstalling the app.


I'm on Android and saw the Home page was severely neutered for me toady.  Things like "Recently Played" and "Daily Mix" were gone.  I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the app and that brought things back to normal.  Possibly a simple sign-out/sign-in would have fixed it.

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