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Please stop recommend wrong music to me! Spotify! Thank you!

Please stop recommend wrong music to me! Spotify! Thank you!

Im geographically in Hong Kong currently, but this doesnt mean I like cantonese music! Please stop give me wrong music!!!!!! I did listen a lot lot of music in English, why you dont simply recommend songs based on them? So, waht's your discovery feature really dose??

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Hello! 🙂

Spotify is always trying to improve their recommendation systems. Discover algorithm includes a lot of factors, e.g listened music, followed artists, etc. Since this is more like general feedback and not a specific feature request, I've moved it over here in the help section, so other people can also discuss it. 😉

It would be helpful if one could say 'No way' to the suggestions in order to tailor them better. After using Spotify to answer some quiz clues on sixties music, I'm being bombarded with suggestions of bands that are positively embarrassing.

Spotify's algorithms could stand improvement, separating bands/performers sharing the same name, but entirely different genres. Curious if others share this same frustration. Case and point, type in the name "Burial" and the top hit goes to the electronic performer sought. Start the radio and somewhere along the way, Burial, the hard metal act starts to play. And as the station plays, and after "thumbing down to improve station" low and behold, hard metal from the same band. Rough. Seems any attempt to improve ism lost on deaf Spotify algorithms. Thanks.

@FelixKulpa - If you report the artists on the same page issue over on this topic, a member of the Spotify team will split them out:

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