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Podcast Restarts When Skipping Ad

Podcast Restarts When Skipping Ad




United States


Samsung Note 9 & PC

Operating System

Android & Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but when an ad comes up during a podcast, skipping it will sometimes restart the podcast episode.


I already don't understand why I have to get ads when I pay to use Spotify, but I've come to accept it. Even if I can't skip ads without entering the application. BUT it's incredibly annoying to have your podcast episode restart while you're listening to it in the car. I'll admit, I keep Spotify open while driving so when the ad comes on, I just have to tap the 15 second skip button a couple times. Randomly though, this will cause the episode to glitch and start over. I won't remember where I was exactly, so then I just have to guess with the slider until I find the right spot.


Oh, and not to mention, sometimes I reopen Spotify (which is running in the background) and that action will also cause episodes to start over.


Doubt Spotify will fix this issue, but I just needed to put it out there.

21 Replies

Even if I don't skip the ad, the app seems confused to where to resume playing. It goes to some random episode at some random part of it. This has been happening consistently. I mean, I am pretty sure this is some new Spotify feature for creators to plug in ads without recording it into the episode. But you guys need to make sure after the ad, the episode resumes at the right point. This is really annoying.

Still seems like Spotify haven’t fixed this dynamic ads issue? Or maybe they are still collecting date 

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