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Podcast glitching out; won't allow play on select episodes


Podcast glitching out; won't allow play on select episodes






iPhone 7+


My Question or Issue

I am attempting to listen to BBC's Global News Podcast. However, episodes will seemingly randomly not play on my phone (no issue on PC). I will be able to listen to one just fine, and then the next day rolls around and tapping the episode will play it for a split second and then stop, closing the Now Playing tab. 


Any ideas? Thanks!


54 Replies

Start happening the same with me today. I have two different mobiles, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Huawei P20 Pro. Same issue on both phones. Reset phones, deleted  and installed Spotify app on both phones. Problem the same. Start listening a podcast this morning, in the evening the same podcast stop working. Don't play, don't download. Thinking twice about keeping premium account. Solve this problem quickly. 

Is there any fix for this in the near future? It's been months. I haven't been able to listen to any podcasts from Barstool Sports (Chicks in the office, Hard factor news, etc.) for months. As the guy above me, I'm also thinking twice about keeping Spotify Premium. I've been a subscriber for over 3 years but other platforms are just doing better and Spotify isn't keeping up.... More and more issues every month with no resolutions in sight.

I have been having a similar issue. Some select podcasts have not been able to play on certain devices. I attempted to restart my phone, delete the app and reinstall it, multiple times. Not sure what to do now. 



Well... I just unsubscribed from Spotify!

This is STILL happening (FOR PC)! I restarted my computer. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the app. I tried the web browser and nothing. Many of my podcasts won't play while some do. Some have taken over 30 minutes to play! What gives spotify?

FYI this issue is still around on the Web Client... I cannot go back in the podcast and its hung up on ONLY playing the very last episode... works fine on my phone.

Still happening on iOS. Here's a screen recording. 

Hi All,


I was also having trouble listening or relistening to podcasts and discovered a fix (using android fyi):

1. select the 3 vertical dots on the top right of the episode

2. select "mark episode as played/listened"* 

*my spotify is not in english so not sure the exact phrase

3. select "mark episode unplayed/unlistened"**

**this option appears only after you've completed #2


Worked for me; hope it works for you



I also discover the "mark as play" button.

saved me from having to scroll for days to find my next episode.  It was a lot of clicking though!  😂

Same issue for a couple months now and getting worse.  Already deleted everything and reinstalled.  

Same issue here, I cannot listen to podcast because it just stops and won't start, not on different network, not on different device - just no. Its JANUARY A YEAR LATER, how many months you haven't fixed this?

If anyone is using a VPN turn it off and try listening. I found out that for some reason keeping mine on was causing it to not play some podcasts...

It's sort of fixed, idk what fixed it. Maybe an update on spotify, maybe a
computer update?

hey this issue is still going on. It is occurring only for some specific podcasts. When selecting specific podcast episodes to play, it will begin cycling through the podcasts and attempting to play each episode then moving on to the next before any content is played. I am trying to use the web browser to listen to podcasts. It is not occurring for all podcasts, only specific ones: Pod Save America, How to Money, The Jordan Harbinger Show, & Wizard and the Bruiser. I love Spotify and I love listening to podcasts through your service, please fix this.

This issue is still occurring, does anyone know when it will get fixed?

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