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Podcast jumps to wrong place after pausing or skipping

Podcast jumps to wrong place after pausing or skipping

Plan: Premium

Country: US


Device: iPhone 11 Pro

Operating System: iOS 14.7.1


My Question or Issue:


When listening to a podcast and then pausing the playback, when I resume the playback it sometimes starts at a different place in the podcast.


The same happens when I skip: What should be a 15 second skip often brings me to a completely different place in the podcast.


I don't get why Spotify invests all that money into buying up podcasts, making them unavailable on any other platform, but then not getting the podcast listening experience right. Release a separate podcasting app if you can't integrate it into your music app, but out of the dozen of podcasting apps I've tried, Spotify has by far the worst UX.

This is not a new issue—it's been like this for about a year now, across different versions of the app and iOS. Initially I assumed the podcasting feature is new, so it's normal to take time to iron out the bugs, but that more than enough time has passed, this is for iOS, and the fact that Spotify is a publicly traded company, not some small team, and I've by now paid hundreds of $ as a customer for Spotify, I'm starting to find this very frustrating. If you're listening to a 20 minute podcast, it's not that bad, you can still kinda find the place in the podcast. But long-form podcasts that are 1,2,3 hours—it's very frustrating to find the right spot again. 


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Hey @waterfalling,


Thanks for the post.


Sorry to hear you're having such an experience with the app.


We recommend the following:

  • Running a clean reinstall of the app. This will assure all app data is cleared, before installing the latest version. Sometimes if you use a preinstalled app or you've transfered devices, some issues like this may occur.
  • Trying out using a different account, you can ask a friend/ family member to log in with theirs on your device, to check if you experince the same issue. This will clarify if the issue is account related at all.

Keep us posted on how you get on.

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Is there any problem on Spotify where the answer isn't a clean reinstall? I do a clean reinstall once a fortnight and still have umpteen problems and am forever developing new ones, like the above, only on Android. It seems the company spend a fortune playing around with everything so that it changes monthly and for all that the thing never runs smoothly.

Nearly 2 years later; it’s 2023 and this Spotify podcast issue still hasn’t been resolved. Between this weird moving of times within podcasts and the fact that often the podcasts in Spotify will not even play (while the music of Spotify works just fine) is unnerving enough to finally cancel my subscription. Guess I’m switching to Apple Music and torrents. And this idea of just deleting and re-installing makes no sense, this happens even on brand new devices. 

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