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Podcast search episodes load, then disappear

Podcast search episodes load, then disappear








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Windows 10


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When I go to search for podcast episodes, the search results will load for a second, then disappear. 


If I do a search, then go down to Podcast Episodes, click See All, the results will load for a split second, then disappear. This will only happen with certain search items and other search terms will work fine. 

I've tried on three different browsers Chrome, Brave, and Edge, and on the Desktop spotify app and all have the same results

Also, something similar happens where podcast search results with 50 results will disappear while I'm scrolling down. If I reload it and try again it will disappear at the same spot. 


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There's definitely something going on with search today (see: PC Desktop version - search not working - The Spotify Community) - it isn't relegated to just podcasts.  I'm having the issue, but only on the desktop Windows app.


Spotify for Windows


Plan: Premium

Hi there @Gus19 and @paulrichardcook,


Thank you for your posts here in the Community.


@paulrichardcook - we replied to you in the other thread. We suggest that you start with following the steps that's provided in there.


@Gus19 - In this case we suggest that you try with a different internet connection to see if the issue persists.


We also suggest that you have someone log in with their account on one of your devices - such as a friend or a family member to see if the issue persists.


On another note, do you only experiencing this with podcasts or with music as well?

We'll be on the lookout for your reply.



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