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[Podcasts] Ads on Podcasts, even though Premium

[Podcasts] Ads on Podcasts, even though Premium

I pay for Spotify premium.

To me that means no ads, what so ever.

I know your website says 'ad-free music,' but doesn't say anything about ad-free podcasts.

But I am paying you money specifically so that I do not have to listen to ads. 

I hate ads. I find them absolutely infuriating. 

I had not once thought about cancelling my subscription since I first got Spotify until yesterday, when I heard ads at the beginning and end of my podcast for the first time. 

I genuinely find this super upsetting.  

3 Replies

I came here to post the exact same thing. I have loved Spotify and shouted its praises since I got it years ago. The first time I thought about giving it up was when I started getting ads in the podcasts. Such a jarring, ill considered idea. 

Support reps on this site will consistently lie to you about this subject. They'll tell you these ads were placed by the podcast creators and it's out of the company's control, despite the fact that they are in fact placed solely by Spotify who has complete control over forcing you to listen to these ads. Search this forum, there's endless posts on the subject where they do this. Don't let them gaslight you and don't waste your time with their lies. Please report them to the FTC for false advertising at

Hi there folks,

Thank you for your posts and feedback.


We don't play ads that interrupt the music listening experience of Premium subscribers, some podcasts may have advertising or sponsorship messages within the episodes.


You can get more information about this in the statues of this idea that was closed.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

Take care!

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